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Holland Hotels

Holland is the country bike and windmills and is considered one of the most liberal and cultural country in the world. Although Holland is not large in land and people, it projected during the history important cultural and social contents. Even today you will find in her an atmosphere which is open, accepting, comfortable and global. Not for nothing the country is drawing people of all color, religion and sex. Holland Hotels are giving hospitality options for those who want to experience this. The tolerance characteristic of Holland and the high standard of life quality it strives to give her residents are significant in all areas of life. Holland is known for the first rate cheese and the astonishing flowers. Throughout the year you are welcome to come and enjoy the riot culture events, festivals, exhibitions and the markets that are held across the country.


Holland Borders are with Germany and Belgium. If you travel between the landscapes of the country you could see the rural areas and many large isolated estates alongside a large number of historical tourist sites, museums and gorgeous cities. This is a great opportunity to enjoy all of this while staying in one of the Holland hotels that will complete the perfection of the experience Holland main airport is Schipol which is located 15 kilometer from Amsterdam. There are trains on very casual basis that will take to Amsterdam central as well as other main cities in Holland.



Amsterdam is the biggest and most interesting city in Holland what makes it a perfect point to stay in one of the Amsterdam Hotels options. The city is the focal point of a magnetic attraction for young people from all over the world, not only because the police are not enforcing the law against the recreational drugs that are partially allowed by the law. Amsterdam has an international atmosphere, a lot of foreigners and mixture of languages that will make every ear happy. The nightlife of Amsterdam has already left a reputation worldwide, as well as the sexual promiscuity and the rich cultural life in the fields of music, cinema, theater, dance and more.

It is recommended to allocate at least three or four days of visiting and not miss the well known museums. While enjoying the city great options of Holland hotels in Amsterdam will be the Floris France hotel, this hotel is part of the Floris Ambiance chain which is steacking out from the rest of Amsterdam Hotel as it has a perfect location for visiting the city and you can enjoy a stylish 3 star hotel.


Gelderland district is the widest among all Holland’s districts and its capital city is Arnhem. The city has always been a rock disagreement point for fighting between nations. During World War II most of the city was destroyed but it has re-established. Nearby the city there is an open museum that shows antique windmills, historic shopping and farms. Not so far from the city center you can visit the Zoo and the Safari Park. You should also visit the national park Hoge Veluwe, there you will find a reserve nature and a museum containing a collection of modern paintings and sculptures including large collection of Van Gogh. The museum also has an art gallery in the name of Kroller Muller.
If you think to have a rest of your Holland tours in the Gelderland district you should know that the villages in the region of the city Arnhem turned the traditional villages to resort villages and tourist sites. That makes them a good option for searching among Holland hotels.
At the end of the city tour you can spend the night in the city or preferable go back to stay in one of the Amsterdam Hotels which are not so far from Arenhem.

A famous Dutch phrase is “Agree to disagree” is representing in it on of the most powerful features of the country. In order to experience this take some days to enjoy the country and spend the nights in one of Holland hotels and have a bite of how it feels to be a Dutch.

Floris Hotel Collection combine good value 3* and 4* centrally located hotels with a contemporary approach and an open mind. All our hotels are chosen for their special character, unique charm and central location, so you can experience the essence of the city you are visiting without compromising your comfort or your pocket.