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Belgium Hotels

Before considering choosing one of the Belgium hotels you should ask yourself why to travel to this country? There are who will consider the Belgian chocolate, which is known as being the highest quality chocolate in the world, as a reason to come and visit Belgium. But you should not be a sworn lover of sweets to find other reasons to visit this charming country that is bordering Holland, Germany and France.

Belgium is without a doubt the most secret stored in Europe. Many times people are passing through her during a trip to Europe in order to take a day or two tour in this country which is actually one of the most pivotal in world tourism.
Who that will go down deeply and explore beyond the lease middle class that is identified with Belgium will find a fascinating country that in fact composed of three separate entities that are distinct by their culture, language and national pride. The northern part of the country consists of Flemish speaking civilians, the south part consist the Valonians residents speaking French, while in the east part of Belgium you can find small concentrations of German speakers.

Transportation in Belgium

The main transportation options available in Belgium are the Charleroi airport which the main airport in Belgium and close to Brussels. The NMBS or SNCB are the Belgian train company that will take you everywhere within Belgium. The high speed trains Thalys and Eurostar will connect Europe to Belgium through Brussels. The MIVB/STIB are the public transport of Brussels.

Belgium Hotels are spreads around the main cities in the country like Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and more. When searching for accommodation in Belgium you will find that the cities are offering assortment of hotels from the low cost of one and two stars hotels to the three and four stars hotels. If you look to stay in luxury five stars hotels the main cities have those hotels as well in order to make your trip to Belgium perfect.

Destinations in Belgium


It is difficult to reach Belgium without visiting the city Brussels. This is the capital city and the main air getaway of the country. The city is located in the center of several main routes in Europe and many trains are coming from different tourist destinations such as London, France or the neighbor from the north, Holland.
Brussels should be considered as an option to choose to stay in one of the Belgium hotels as although the city has a bad reputation as being boring and full with trading and lots of bureaucracy but this totally not true. You can find in Brussels opulence museums, interesting architecture, historical sites and rich night life that is setting her up in one line with some of the European most toured cities in the region. When visiting the city you can not miss one of Brussels Hotels chain which are the four hotels of Floris Ambiance brand that are located in near Brussels’ main attractions.


It is recommended when choosing one of the Belgium hotels to choose Bruges as the city and one of the magnificent Bruges Hotels is the Floris Karos hotel offering a great value of hospitality. The fame of Bruges is for being one of the most ancient cities in Europe and that made her the most popular tourist destination in Belgium. This is a beautiful medieval city with streets around the twisted narrow canals that are crossing her all along, ancient buildings and vegetation bringing in the city color and life.


When touring in Belgium do not forget to include Antwerp. The city is located at a distance of about 50 kilometers north of Brussels, on the east rim of the Scheldt River. This is the second largest city in Belgium, after Brussels. In the last few years Antwerp received the non official title of being the capital city of the Flemish Belgium. The city has received worldwide recognition thanks to the two main things; first, due to the famous Flemish painter Paul Rovns, who worked and live in the city and some of his finest works, are decorating the museums and churches of the city. The second but no less important is the unshakable statue of Antwerp as being the capital of the world diamond industry.

When deciding which of the Belgium hotels you wish to stay in consider what most interest you and in which city you will spend more time. It is preferable to choose one of the Bruges Hotels or one of Brussels Hotels but Also, take into consideration the distance between the cities in order to make your next trip to Belgium an unforgettable one.

Floris Hotel Collection combine good value 3* and 4* centrally located hotels with a contemporary approach and an open mind. All our hotels are chosen for their special character, unique charm and central location, so you can experience the essence of the city you are visiting without compromising your comfort or your pocket.