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Accommodation in Brussels

It is difficult to reach Belgium without a visit in Brussels – the capital city and the main air gate of the country. The city is located in the center of several main routes in Europe and many trains reaching her from tourist destinations such as London, France and the neighbor from the north, the Netherlands. Searching for accommodation in Brussels is very convenient as the city is offering a variety of hospitality arrangements from the one star hotel and up to the luxury five stars hotels. Among the Brussels hotels sticking out are the four hotels of Floris Ambiance Hotels chain which includes the: Floris Avenue, Floris Louise, Floris Alerquin Grand’Place and Floris Usetel Midi.

The reputation of the city as being boring, full of dry trading and lots of bureaucracy is not justified at all. You can find in Brussels many museums, interesting architecture, historical sites and rich nightlife that put the city in one line with some of the European most tourists vested cities. Welcome to Brussels,- the Magic City.

Transportation in Brussels

The most recommended transportation to use will be the public transportation where you can reach with it to Brussels and in the city you can use one of the well organized public transpiration system the includes airport trains, M’tro, trams and busses. A car is not needed unless your visit includes staying a great deal of time in the suborns of the city.

Attractions in Brussels:

Parc de Bruxelles

Located south of Grand Place square and offer and experience of quiet and space. Several of the most beautiful buildings in Brussels are here, including the Royal Palace ( Palais Royale) , where in the past the royal family used to live there. The palace is open during the period of July to September only.
If the the Parc de Bruxelles is ending your day trip and you wish to look for accommodation in Brussels you can go north and shortly reach the Grand’Place where you can spend the night in Floris Avenue hotel which is just near by it which offer a hotel in an attractive location for next day tour.

Parc de Cinquantenaire

The park represents the 50 years independence of Belgium in 1880. It is easily identified thanks to the hugh arch of victory, one of the largest kind of arches in the world. The area is magnificent, beautiful and especially well maintained. The park contains some several impressing buildings and sculptures. There are also some interesting museums like the military museum, the cars museum and the museum of history and art.

Grand Place

This is the most beautiful square in Brussels. Especially impressive is gigantic king house the control the square with a strong dominance. There is a church inside which is not open but there is inside it a museum which presents exhibitions as well the tourist information bureau is located there. The impressive town hall is also located in the square but the main attraction is the guild houses which were amazingly designed and decorated with wonderful guild symbols.
The Grand Place is a perfect place to stop and look for accommodation in Brussels. A good hotel with a great location near by the Grand Place square will be the Floris Alrequin Grand’Place hotel. You can also consider the recommended hotels Floris Louise and Floris Ustel Midi that are located in different areas that perhaps will be suitable better for the next day tour. They all are part of the Floris Ambiance Hotels chain which will ensure a quality and enjoying stay for their guests.

Floris Avenue

This four star hotel was opened in 2002 and recently became a member of the Floris Ambiance Hotels chain. It has 47 spacious rooms that are equipped with the most advanced technological gadgets as well as natural light.

Floris Alrequin Grand’Place

The hotel is ideally located in the center of Brussels just few steps from the famous Grand Place square as well as close to the central train station. The hotel is a perfectly suitable for the business traveler as well as tourists looking for fun and relaxation.

Floris Louise

This is a four star hotel that is ideally located in the center of Brussels. It is located few meters from the famous shopping street Avenue Louise It is within walking distance to the European Parliament and the Metro station is just five minutes walk away.

Floris Ustel Midi

This is a three star hotel that is just few steps from the south station called Gare du Midi which is the terminal for Thalys and Eurostar that connects Brussels to major European cities like Paris, Amsterdam and mire. It is only 15 minutes walk to the famous Grand Place.

Floris Hotel Collection combine good value 3* and 4* centrally located hotels with a contemporary approach and an open mind. All our hotels are chosen for their special character, unique charm and central location, so you can experience the essence of the city you are visiting without compromising your comfort or your pocket.